Why Digitization Is the Future of the Marine Industry

December 27, 2022

In today’s digital world,businesses are increasingly turning to digitization to improve their operations. This is especially true for marine logistics companies, which rely on complex shipping processes and often have a wide variety of clients with varied needs.

Fortunately, digitization has been proven to be an effective tool in streamlining the entire process,from ordering and tracking shipments to billing customers. With a well-implemented digital strategy, businesses can save money and time by streamlining operations.

Digitization was once thought of as a costly venture, but its cost-effectiveness is now evident asmarine logistics businesses use it to increase speed and create superior customer experiences.

Let’s take a look at how domestic marine shipping companies can benefit from digitization.

Benefits of Digitization in Marine Logistics

Digitization has become an increasingly effective tool in elevating marine logistics operations, providing an immediate return on investment by cutting costs and promoting efficiency.

The results from a Gartner survey proved that 61% believe technology creates an edge for their company over its competitors. Additionally, to stay ahead of the curve, many are investing in emerging technologies such as robotics with 20%. Investing in these innovative solutions ensure organizations remain competitive and thriving in the future.

“There are certain developments that drive further investments into technology, most notably labor constraints and the need for more agility,” says Dwight Klappich, Analyst at Gartner. “Given today’s volatile and disruptive environment, supply chain organizations must become more flexible, and the solution is digitization.”

The main benefits of digitization in logistics include:

  • increased efficiency
  • cost reduction
  • improved customer experience

Increased Efficiency

Marine logistics companies can streamline their operations and optimize processes by utilizing digitization. Automating shipping processes leads to faster order processing, making it easier and faster to track shipments. It also eliminates manual data entry, making it easier for marine logistics companies to manage their operations.

Cost Reduction 

In addition to streamlining their operations, domestic marine shipping companies can also reduce their costs through digitization. For instance, companies can save money on labor costs by automating certain tasks,such as booking orders or generating invoices. Moreover, since most processes are automated with minimal manual intervention, there is less room for human error, which leads to fewer mistakes and wasted resources. 

Improved Customer Experience

Digitized marine shipping processes also lead to a better customer experience. By simplifying the process, logistics companies can provide customers with real-time shipment updates and make tracking their orders easier. This helps marine logistics companies stay competitive and build strong customer relationships.

Digitization is the wave of the future - to remain competitive, shipping companies need to invest indigitization and leverage its many benefits to succeed.

Improve Your Bottom Line with OpenTug’s Digital Solution

OpenTug makes it easy to integrate marine transportation into any supply chain through a seamless partnership of heavy assets and software.

OpenTug revolutionizes the inland transport industry by providing:

  • simplified and improved access to shipping on waterways
  • digitized barge and terminal bookings
  • increased visibility and efficiency
  • enhanced customer experience

With our cutting-edge technology and services, marine logistics companies can take advantage of fast-growing market opportunities with improved speed and agility.

Bottom Line

All in all, there is no doubt that digitization has been beneficial for domestic marine shipping companies around the world by increasing efficiency, reducing costs, providing access to valuable data for analysis purposes, and enhancing the customer experience.

Companies that have implemented these technologies have seen tangible results in terms of improved customer satisfaction levels and higher profit margins due to reduced overhead costs and improved operational efficiencies. 

At OpenTug, we believe marine companies should have access to advanced technology solutions without lengthy setup times, expensive IT departments or developers.

Contact us today to learn how our services can help your maritime business become more digitized!

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