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How to ship project cargo


Shipping project cargo is expensive and can be very difficult.


If you are a construction project manager or logistics manager, you have an important role in the success of your business; many times this role includes shipping large modules or goods known as breakbulk cargo and project cargo, to support construction operations. Globalization is expanding and the demand for large infrastructure projects has increased worldwide to fulfill the need of industries that support refineries, power plants, mining operations, and wind farms. Additionally, the current administration’s infrastructure plan will contribute to the increase in large projects in the United States.


As infrastructure projects ramp up, it’s important to note that the cost of transporting project cargo greatly impacts the overall running costs of your project. Therefore, it’s crucial to pick the right transportation mode and get as many quotes as possible to ensure that your project will be transported efficiently. The obvious modes of transportation are truck, air cargo, and marine transport for logistical challenges. However, it is often overlooked that barges are a viable mode of transportation for cargo in the continental United States. On the west coast, barges make a great mode of transportation for any project cargo that needs to travel coastally between states such as Washington, California, and Oregon. Additionally, projects in Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon can be accessed through the Columbia and Snake Rivers. Not to mention, any company looking to reduce its carbon footprint can benefit from the 90% reduction in CO2 offered by barge transportation.


Barges cannot access all regions but become competitive when considering the advantages of shipping long distances via barges and using trucks for the last mile.  Whichever mode or modes you choose, it’s important to get multiple quotes and select the right carrier. Trucking applications like Convoy make it easy to get bids from multiple trucking companies, but when determining if a barge is right for your load, it can be intimidating to search for companies and pick up the phone to call sales staff. Luckily, with OpenTug, one request connects you to dozens of marine operators servicing Alaska and the West Coast, all online. By using OpenTug, you can easily make a request and describe your cargo without ever picking up the phone. 


Operators able to service your cargo will send bids directly to your email. This allows any project manager to check if barge transportation is a cost-effective way to move valuable cargo to and from their job site. 


Check out OpenTug online today and get connected to leading transportation companies.