JobTrack: Automated Position Reporting for Every Sailing

Reporting done the modern way. Automatically generate and send updates to customers, faster than ever before.

Instant Quoting

Win more shippers with instant quoting tools that allow logistics professionals to save time, gain efficiency, and automate their processes and workflows.

Reporting and Custom Dashboards

Gain complete access to data on received quotes, executed shipments, and other statistics for informed decision-making.

Lock Statuses and Vessel Queues

Gain visibility into lock statuses, vessel queues, and more live data to ensure your quotes always use the most up to date information.

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Easily Generate Daily Position Reports

OpenTug JobTrack creates position reports for your sailings on any cadence, sending updates based on its analysis, and prompting you for input when needed, allowing you to get updates out in one third of the time.

Track Delays and Receive Status Updates

Each snapshots detects events such as loading, unloading, miles made, and delays due to weather, lock traffic, or other factors. Together, these paint an in-depth picture of your voyage.

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Provide Timely Updates to Customers

JobTrack allows you to optionally share access to reports with your customers, so they can have real-time, up to the minute information on their shipments or voyages.

Full Reporting Autonomy

Your shoreside team can edit reports manually, or you can share access with captains or crew members to include them in the reporting process to provide more details to customers.

Create a Voyage Report OpenTug
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Direct Integrations with our Quoting Tool!

Before tracking and reporting begins, seamlessly quote jobs in minutes with OpenTug’s quoting tool, QuoteAI.

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