It's Time for Marine Transportation to Go Digital

March 4, 2021

In today’s ever-digitizing world, customers expect relevant content anytime, anywhere. In order to capture this always-connected customer, it is essential to deliver an unprecedented customer experience. In many industries, customers influence the way companies deliver solutions and experiences.

Logistics is no different: companies like Convoy and Flexport have revolutionized the way customers transport their goods, providing them with simple and easy ways to transport their goods by giving them a digital experience and enabling them to stay connected from pickup to drop-off. However, barge transportation, the safest and greenest transportation mode, emitting 10 times less CO2 per million-ton-mile than trucks, has yet to provide customers with a seamless digital experience for getting connected and utilizing services. Our inland waterways offer a huge opportunity to sustainably expand our nation’s freight carrying capacity. It’s past time we give customers a seamless way of integrating marine transportation into their supply chain.  

It can seem like a daunting task to provide customers with this ever-changing digital experience; 59% of businesses are worried that it might already be too late for them. However, at OpenTug we believe in empowering marine companies to offer high-tech solutions without long setup times, high cost, IT departments, and hiring developers. Through our customer-facing technology, the marine industry can expand services to broader horizons and accelerate our country’s sustainable growth. OpenTug is working with Washington Maritime Blue to roll out our branded online booking, tracking, marketing, and management software to enable marine companies to better digitally connect with customers. The platform reduces loss for both shippers and operators by automatically matching cargo to available space on marine assets. Through digitization and increased access, the marine industry will sustainably meet growing freight demands.

Moving Marine Logistics Forward with OpenTug

OpenTug delivers the visibility and connectivity needed for shippers to fully utilize inland and coastal shipping.

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