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OpenTug allows businesses to spend less time managing customers, and more time moving cargo. Our all in one suite of software tools automates the customer booking, acquisition and job management process.


No Website needed.

Through our white label system, you can have an online booking portal set up in minutes, ready for customers to start browsing your services.
Customers simply login to your organization’s page on and they can instantly:

- Book online
- Browse service
- Manage bookings
- Track their cargo to it’s destination
- All without ever speaking with a sales rep.


OpenTug takes the guesswork out of managing your vessels and barges.

Jobs are automatically matched to your assets based on scheduling and available capacity at any given date.

As jobs are confirmed, they are attached directly to your assets, so you always know when boats are ready to leave and how you can improve your profitability.

You can even give customers access to metrics you choose so they always know when you are sailing and if your company can fit their needs.


Beyond our top notch and easy to set up white label platforms, by working in the OpenTug family your services are automatically:

- Listed and marketed on OpenTug broad-market marketplace
- Connected with Jobs made to the marketplace

This allows customers to find your business when searching across all available services, making it easier for you to find new clients at industry low commission rates.

Your services are promoted across the web with managed SEO and digital marketing -- without ever having to hire full teams. With these benefits you can leave customer acquisition up to us, and you can focus on making sure your business is succeeding

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